This is the Trust Questions and the Town or Locations that you do them.

Asdivine Edit

Reveria Edit

Old Lodge: Choose this Option Edit

  • Stella: -I Have no doubt in my mind
  • Uriel: -Don't over exert yourself
  • Felix: -Maybe a back scratch will perk him up
  • Celine:-He'll Live

Mountain Hideaway- Second Visit: Edit

  • Felix: - Possibly
  • Celine: - Just take things a little at a time
  • Stella: -Maybe, I cant wait to find out
  • Uriel: -We'll take care of them together

Asdivine- Revisited Edit

Kaldia Orphanage: Edit

  • Felix: Thanks Felix
  • Stella: Thats Because this is Home for us
  • Celine: I should get her a drink
  • Uriel: She is more of a mother figure