The List of Towns and Items found there as well as what quests you need to do.

Parallel World- Reveria Edit

Old Lodge: Edit

Lodestone (M) in chest in Lodge

Karanka Village: Edit

  • Violence Gear Formation: from maid in the Inn
  • MP+8 Jewel--
  • Blue Jewel x20-- In secret passage in house south of entrance

**Talk to everyone then the girl next to mayors house**

Izar Port: Edit

  • Red Jewel x20
  • Heal Pudding x4--In Hidden room In weapon shop (Enter Secret passage to the left of the small Bed)
  • Luck Tablet x8 --in Builders house

Mountain Hideaway: Edit

  • Lodestone x2 Left of the house and in crack by bed
  • void shock stone x4
  • HP seed x4 --In the basement Enter through crack on right side

Gutenburg Town: Edit

  • Heal Potion x6-- In weapon shop Enter through crack on right side
  • Hearty peel x6 North Western part of town Above Inn..(Small House with blue roof by bed)

Madler Village: Edit

  • Pandoras Box x6 -East of item shop in trees
  • Power tablet x8- Above item shop
  • Reflect tablet x6- In kitchen in the Inn

Asdivine Revisited: Edit

Kaldia Orphanage

Quest: Lost paper Glider: In laigle Woods North of entrance from west side in small alcove to the north